"Graphic Glam"

If your like me, you love a matching two-piece set. This stylish Black Scale top and bottom is perfect for everyday wear, it's comfortable, and chic. That's always a win in my book! The combination of graphic prints are what makes this duo stand out. The design is edgy, and innovative making this look a definite attention attractor. Paired together, or separate anywhere you go your guaranteed to have eyes on you!

Normally my go-to color for accessories is gold, but lately I've been in need of a change. I've found that silver seems to be the perfect substitution when you want to try something different. So, I decided to partner this look with a pair of metallic pumps by Melis Yildiz, and a vintage silver bag.

Who says you can't mix metals from time to time? For anyone who thinks otherwise, there's no such written rule in fashion stating that silver and gold can't sometimes be paired together. However, be careful when mixing metals, because subtleness is key. For this look I added just the right amount of small gold accents starting with an Amarillo hand, and neck cuff. I also paired added a few small Amarillo rings, and topped if off with a pair of Gentle Monster frames for just the right amount of glam.


Photographer: Chris P. Thompson

Make Up Artist: Taschi Lynell

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