ASYMMETRICAL CUTS: The right cut is everything this Winter. Even basics (i.e. tanks, tees, sweaters) with the right cuts can make for a unique statement piece. Jackets with asymmetrical cuts serve as a must-have for the Winter Season. Add a little edge to your wardrobe this Winter!

BLACK VS. WHITE: Another year, another "White Winter" Yes, White has returned as the "It Color" for the Winter! The "no white after labor day" rule is seamlessly becoming irrelevant. Not only will white be on trend, but black and white combined are the Winter season's dynamic duo. You can never go wrong pairing these two colors. Separate or combined, black and white will rule the Winter yet again.

BOLD COLORS: Not just bold, but vibrant colors are co-existing with the normal monochrome shades of Winter. Start off with investing in a colorful accessory that you can fall in love with, and slowly work that same pop of color into your wardrobe. I'm not saying go completely neon either. Think shades of violet, lime green, electric blue. Be Bold!

COLORED FUR: I find that the reason most people stray away from buying furs is because they either a.) Don't know how to wear fur, or b.) Don't know when to wear fur. Well the easiest answer is the time is now! Even on the West Coast who says you can't step out in a coat with fur accents, or a fur vest during a chilly Winter evening. Fur has made a huge comeback this Winter. Even tons of accessories are covered with fur accents. It doesn't even have to be FUR-REAL either! Faux fur qualities are getting better, and better. While shopping for the Winter season and a fur catches your eye, just try it on! You won't regret it.

ELONGATED COATS: Your wardrobe will be incomplete this Winter without a lengthy coat. Elongated coats are all the rave this season. Even "oversized" coats have become the latest trend. Throw it over your favorite jeans paired with a stylish tee, or dress it up over a hip-hugging dress for the ultimate effect.

LAYERS: Winter is all about layers, and this Winter the best way to stay fashionable is to create combinations within your outfits. Think about what pieces you could combine to create a unique look. What short sleeve tee you can throw over a long sleeve tee. Even pants layered under dresses have been seen on recent runways. You can never go wrong with a little layering, just be sure it's tasteful.

TRANSPARENCY: Sheer, lace, mesh...transparency is everything your closet needs right now. You may be losing some body heat, but you'll definitely be swimming in attention all night. Take a transparent skirt, dress, or top and layer it with a similar colored high-waisted bottom, bra top, or both. For those of you who aren't too comfortable showing skin, pair a trendy sheer top with a tank, or undershirt. You owe it to yourself to invest in at least one transparent piece for your closet this Winter. Take a little risk! It may turn out better than you expected.

TURTLE NECKS: If your like me, childhood memories of gross turtle necks make you uneasy at the sound of those two words. However, over the years turtle necks have indeed gotten more stylish, and even sexier. What's so bad about a cute turtle neck crop top, paired with a cute high waisted skirt? Nothing! In fact, it's probably everything you need in your life to look great, but stay warm at the same time. Give the turtle necks a try! Trust, me they'll grow on you.

SLITS: This Winter designers have given us lots of clothing pieces with subtle cuts, and openings. Shirts with side slits, dresses and skirts with front slits, even sweaters. It's definitely a trend to stay on top of, as it adds a unique edge to your wardrobe. It's also a good opportunity to test different types of layering. I'm a huge supporter of this trend! Let me tell you, just a bit of slits can immediately turn your outfit into a masterpiece.

SUEDE: If there's one type of fabric you absolutely need in your closet this Winter, it's suede. Suede is everywhere this season, from outerwear, to accessories. Up the ante with a oversized suede coat, a suede two-piece combo, a pair of suede pumps, or even a suede purse. The opportunities are endless, and this is one trend you won't be able to get enough of after you see how luxurious it makes your outfit turn out.

VELVET: It's been years since Velvet has been in style. Well, it's time to take advantage because velvet is in full-revival this year. You want, and need a velvet clothing piece in your life! Velvet dresses, embellished skirts, tops, and even pants are here to stay for the Winter. What's wrong with being cozy, and chic? Nothing at all!

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