"Lavish Layers"

For this series it was important for me to showcase my everyday style, which ultimately are items I feel the most myself in. This aspect right here is key to creating your own style. Be Yourself. If you don't feel like yourself in what you're wearing it's not you, and more importantly it's not original. All of my go-to outfits are composed of items that are both comfortable, and chic. When I'm getting dressed that's the first thing I think of, "What can I wear that I'll be comfortable in, but also makes a statement?" This is what this what this series is all about - being laid back and lavish.

For this look I started with one of my favorite pieces, a grey turtle neck crop by Laina Rauma. You can find me in this piece at least twice a week. It's cute, cozy, and literally goes with everything. I layered this with a long black blazer by ASOS to add a bit of length, and some warmth. Next, I added another layer topping it off with a chic leather motorcycle jacket by, All Saints.

For the bottoms, I was seeking an oversized fit, so I choose to add a men's pant by H&M in a size thirty. (Ladies, if you've never explored the men's section I encourage you to do so I promise will find some hidden gems). These pants were everything. They fit me perfectly, a little baggy on top and tight on the bottom.

I finished the look off with a few accessories to compliment the outfit. I added a beautiful silver artifact cuff by Suz Somersall, a silver spike pendant by Cynthia Rybakoff, and a few stack rings by TwelveOTwo. Finally, I added a pair of quilted combat books by Sam Edelman to tie it all together.


Photographer: Zack Perl

Make Up Artist: Cortney Hendrix

Hair Stylist: Dareyna Swann

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